November 19, 2012


Welcome to USC Stem Cell, a university-wide initiative connecting researchers and highlighting the latest news in regenerative medicine across USC.

Why do parts of us regenerate and other parts don’t? What makes a cell behave a certain way? Can we model and treat disease using stems cells? Are tumors vulnerable through attack on cancer stem cells? Is it possible to build new tissues through bioengineering? How can we mine our genomes for new clues to target disease?

Also, how do we leverage our considerable resources to invigorate scholarly inquiry, train the next generation of world-class scientists and clinicians, engage and shape public policy, and develop new treatments for damaged body systems?

These questions drive our collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to translate the potential of stem cell research to the clinical imperative of regenerative medicine. As we develop life-changing new medical treatments, we must think ahead about the implications to society and equip researchers, doctors and policymakers to assume new challenges. We invite you to join in this exciting and essential journey through a rapidly changing landscape of science, thought and discovery.